Tim Rahill

Tim RahillTim Rahill joined the University of Cincinnati in 2013 as a program manager for the Master of Education team. His career in education actually started at the front of a classroom. As a middle school teacher delivering history lessons, Tim realized the importance of continued education, not just for local students, but also for distance learners. This perspective has become an asset to the UC-MEd team, as Tim helps all kinds of students, including teachers, administrators and distance learners, pursue higher education.

Tim’s love for education extends into his personal life. He holds an active teaching license, a bachelor’s degree in organization communication and is pursuing a master’s degree in human resources. As a distance learner himself, Tim is able to relate with and better support the students he works with. Tim enjoys spending time with his wife and two small children and traveling to new and exciting destinations. His travels have taken him to far-off places, including the U.K. and France, but the University of Cincinnati team will always be home.

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