Teaching Reading Comprehension

Learning to read is something that you begin to prepare for years before opening that first reader book. From singing the alphabet song to learn letters to exploring the sounds that each letter makes, the first lessons eventually lead to reading whole books with confidence. “Reading comprehension” is a fancy term that just means that you understand the words and ideas that you read. Learning vocabulary words is a part of reading comprehension. As you get familiar with lots of different words, you will become a better reader who understands what you read. Part of your reading education is reading lessons from an educator. But you can also have fun learning as you play games and read on your own.

Early Readers

As you sit with a book reading the words on the page, you may be able to breeze through sentence after sentence without any trouble. But reading is more than just knowing the sounds of the letters and how they go together to make words. As you read, you also need to be able to understand what you are reading. Connecting ideas and focusing on what you read takes practice. Sometimes, it helps to read sentences out loud so you can hear the words as you read them. You can also read a book with someone else so that you can talk about the events and ideas in the story, which helps you understand what you are reading more. As you read, ask yourself questions about what is happening in the story to make sure you understand it. Pay attention to the clues the author gives you with details and descriptions, since this information is often important to understanding the story.

Games and Activities

Playing games is usually fun. It’s great when you can play games that help you learn and build skills because this means that you are having fun while you learn. Reading games can be a big part of your education. An educator will often look for fun ways to help you understand your lessons. With reading games, you can learn more vocabulary words, find out about synonyms and antonyms, and practice your reading comprehension. Some games are perfect for playing by yourself, while other games can be played with you and a partner. Finishing up a reading lesson with a game can be the perfect way to inject a little fun into your learning time.

Advanced Readers

With practice, you will become a stronger reader. Advanced readers learn from reading harder books that challenge them. The words get longer and harder, but with practice, you’ll understand what the words mean. Sometimes, you might have to look up words in a dictionary so you know what they mean. Other times, you might be able to use the context to figure out what unknown words mean. When you use the context, you look at the rest of the sentence to help you figure out what the word you don’t know must mean. Try to check books off of a reading list for advanced readers so you can keep challenging yourself with new books written by authors who write for children. The more you read, the better reader you will become!

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