A Week in the Life

Juggling work, family life, and going back to school is obviously a challenge. But thousands of students have earned their master’s degree online. You can, too.

This is Cara DeToro’s typical week:

Today I logged on to review the assignment and discussion for the week. I started thinking about what I need to do to prepare for each and what my responses for both will be. I have Yoga tonight, so I get this done during my school day.

Today I read the discussion board to get a feel for the responses from my peers. I responded to a few posts. I also started to read the material that has been assigned for the week. I get my posts done during my prep period and read during lunch so I don’t have to worry about it at home.

Today I continued to read the material that has been assigned. I fill out the survey that is due Sunday. I made my major post, and I continued to respond to other posts. I check the group discussion board for questions concerning our assignment; it does not seem to require a paper like the last few assignments have. I check Blackboard frequently so that I don’t miss anything.

Today I responded to posts. Again, I accomplished this at school during my break. I talked to a colleague about this class and we compared notes. I finished the reading for the week.

Today I responded to a few more posts before going to lunch. It’s Friday, so that is about it for the day.

Today I made my last post. The assignment has been more than clarified. I get prepared for upcoming assignments.

Today I reviewed my assignment and posted it to be graded. I review what I should do during the upcoming week. My students have an assignment to work on independently in the computer lab, so I may have a little extra time to work on my own assignments. I plan on going out of town in a few weeks, so I am trying to get a jump start on upcoming assignments.

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