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Earning your TEFL certification is about becoming qualified as a highly trained educator. To prepare for your TEFL certification, you can take advantage of a variety of online resources. One of the most powerful tools that teachers can access online is actually one of the least obvious: an online degree. The Master of Education program at the University of Cincinnati provides a unique concentration in Curriculum & Instruction TESOL that seeks to prepare educators for TEFL certification and successful TESOL careers. In addition, a wealth of Web tools can be used to bolster your ESL career and strengthen your skills in order to get through the TEFL certification process and join an elite network of TESOL educators.

TEFL Certification Research Resources
Educators who keep up with trends in education provide a better quality of instruction for ESL students. With technological advancements, the teaching tools available for ESL instruction have diversified in positive ways that benefit the different types of learners you will encounter in your TESOL career. To prepare for TEFL certification, consider some of these research resources:

The Internet TESL Journal: Providing full-text articles on the latest developments in ESL/TEFL education including Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and English for Special Purposes (ESP), this journal is devoted to helping educators keep track of the changes in this sector of education. Access an impressive FAQ, activities, lesson plans, techniques and more at this site.
Center for Adult English Language Acquisition (CAELA): Intended for educators who want to work in remedial education with adults who need ESL training, this ESL research database gives educators access to academic journals, government reports, statistical data, literature reviews and more.
English as a Second Language Podcast: Improve your instruction by listening to and sharing informed podcasts on topics as general as café conversation topics to health/medicine subjects, all of which are important to your ESL students.
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): This education association releases its own journal and quarterly publication to raise awareness of issues and developments in the TESOL community. Educators can also benefit from their online news section and range of communities and networking opportunities.

Understanding the state of TESOL education keeps teachers on their toes and ensures they are prepared for the TEFL certification process. This process requires responses to prompts that have to do with your understanding of ESL education and your ambitions within this type of instruction. Maintaining an active interest in the TESOL community proves to employers that you are dedicated to this type of instruction and endeavor to improve the quality of education available. During the TEFL certification process, you must also outline your education background. A master’s degree in education can help to boost your qualifications, and an added benefit of the University of Cincinnati’s online degree is that it seeks to actively prepare educators for TEFL certification.

Online Activities and Tools for TEFL Instruction
An easy way that educators can work toward TEFL certification is by experimenting with new activities to reach more learners in their current careers. A range of online tools exists for educators to use in ESL instruction. By utilizing these resources, educators can create innovative environments that impress TESOL members who are looking to qualify the highest level of instruction with TEFL certification. Check out some of these tools to begin offering more in your classroom and diversifying your background:

ESL Gold: Educators can search through the many resources provided on this site by language proficiency level or by the skill they are trying to assist students in developing. Simply choose the language your students speak in order to begin searching through innovative tools like videos, quizzes, speaking practice, pronunciation exercises and more.
ESL Base: With downloadable worksheets, specific skills exercises, attention to certain levels of learners and information about teaching methodology, this educator forum provides an impressive gamut of instruction tools for TESOL teachers.
Independent Online Resource Network for Teachers of English: Visiting the resource center of this site provides premade worksheets, a worksheet generator, games, suggested reading and teaching tips for instructors looking to bolster their classroom skills while seeking TEFL certification.

Earning your TEFL certification helps provide you with the opportunity to choose from a wider selection of careers to get to the place you really want to be in your career, both literally and figuratively. The online Master of Education program at the University of Cincinnati provides a chance for educators to gain experience, an education and prepare for TEFL certification at the same time while bolstering their careers through independent research and innovative classroom materials.

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