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Pursuing an TESOL Degree Online

Every school expects its teachers to find the time to advance their own education while still meeting the demands of their classrooms. Beyond keeping up with important advancements and updates in education, advanced degrees give educators a unique opportunity to really focus on what skills they need to reach their career ambitions. By pursuing a TESOL degree online like the Curriculum & Instruction TESOL concentration of the University of Cincinnati’s Master of Education program, ESL teachers can tailor their programs to best prepare for a future in this specific type of education. The perks of pursuing a TESOL degree online are many, which is why this type of degree has steadily grown in reputation and popularity.

Benefits of a TESOL Degree Online Program
Online education has come a long way since its slow beginning as a flat correspondence-based system. Now, with videos, live chatting, email and dynamic learning management systems, online education can provide the same quality of education as a traditional degree program, and it even boasts some added benefits. One of the greatest ways that pursuing a TESOL degree online proves beneficial to teachers is that the curriculum is provided in a flexible format that provides you with a chance to schedule your course work when you have time to complete it. In programs like the University of Cincinnati’s Master of Education degree, the faculty to student ratio is deliberately small so that students receive more individual instruction from a range of experienced faculty members.

The networking capabilities that ESL teachers find in a TESOL degree online are another advantage of this type of education. Because online degree programs attract students from cities near and far, educators can network with a variety of peers who have served in various TESOL roles and can share what they know about these positions. In the University of Cincinnati’s online master’s degree, students go through the program with a set of cohorts that never changes so that they can form lasting relationship through persistent communication and provide a support system. Additionally, online degree programs offer support to help students adjust to the learning technology and succeed in the courses.

Perhaps the greatest gain that online TESOL degrees provide for educators is the ability to balance the coursework with their careers, which allows them to simultaneously earn an advanced degree without losing valuable time for experience. What’s more, the online degree program facilitates the practice of the skills you learn in your actual classroom so that you can see what works and what you might need help with while you’re still under the guidance of an expert faculty. To better appreciate the benefits of pursuing a TESOL degree online, take some time to understand how this type of education is structured.

How it Works
Part of the appeal of being an ESL teacher is in understanding the importance of communication in order to succeed. In a TESOL degree online, good communication skills are a necessity to get through the program. Using a computer, you will communicate with instructors and colleagues through email and chat clients. Some assignments will require discussion board posts, which afford educators a chance to throw around their ideas with like-minded teachers who have common goals in ESL education. The online Master of Education at the University of Cincinnati is an asynchronous program that allows educators to contribute their course assignments at any point that it is convenient to their lifestyle. This takes any pressure off for having to attend classes at a specific time or to coordinate to meet with others for collaboration or discussion.

Each class at the University of Cincinnati begins the degree in the same course and ends it together, providing a group of cohorts throughout your degree program. Other great tools that you’ll have during a TESOL degree online include accessing a full online library and engaging in interactive exercises. As you near the end of the program, you will practice utilizing the new strategies you’d learned in real-world settings, including your own classroom where the success of these new methods is most important to you. Whether you plan to work with adults or children, in an English-speaking country or a foreign place, the education received during the Curriculum & Instruction TESOL concentration of the Master of Education program at the University of Cincinnati helps prepare you for becoming an expert ESL teacher.

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