The Online UC TESOL Program

ESL students require a special type of teacher who understands how different languages and cultures can affect their ability to thrive in varied school settings. Through this comprehensive Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program you will not only learn instructional theory of language teaching and learning, but also practical knowledge to meet the changing linguistic needs of an ever-growing diverse population.

Why Choose the UC TESOL Program?

The UC TESOL program will empower you to become the daily inspiration and support your ESL students need while aiding you to become a more effective language teacher.

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Become a Leader in TESOL Education

Becoming certified as a TESOL educator will help positively impact your students’ learning environments while allowing you to gain a conscious knowledge of language as a system.

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From application requirements to tuition costs, many common questions are answered among this collection of frequently asked questions.

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