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What’s the Difference Between Educational Leadership and Teacher Leader Programs?

With dedication and motivation, any educator can aspire to education leadership positions in schools, but it takes an advanced education to gain the respect your career deserves from many administrators. A distance education leadership program can help give your career the boost to be recognized by schools for how qualified you are to be a leader. At the University of Cincinnati, the Master of Education program has two unique focuses for educators looking to advance. For those who are curious about what’s the difference between Educational Leadership and Teacher Leader programs at the University of Cincinnati, compare and contrast the degrees below to choose the best distance education leadership degree for your career ambitions.

Educational Leadership
The Master of Education in Educational Leadership is a program geared toward those who want to become principals in their schools. Because of the accreditation that the University of Cincinnati has for this program, graduates have the opportunity to earn principal licensure after getting their degree. This benefits those who are looking to further their education, gain a principal license and enhance their current teaching career all at once to meet career goals and gain recognition. Some of the objectives of this program include:

Community Connections: Meet the needs of students, their families, your faculty and everyone in the community in order to provide the best possible education option at your school.
Ethics: Constantly improve your own approach to leadership by examining ethics cases and evaluating how to lead with integrity in your community.
Leadership: Develop meaningful curriculum, supervise faculty through great communication and execute your educational vision successfully.
Management Resources: Learn how to use technologies to benefit the management duties your principal career entails to ensure smooth operation of your school’s curriculum.

Finally, the degree program culminates in a Principal Clinical Internship where educators research and develop a project in a school setting in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the methods they learn during their distance education leadership degree program. Graduates of this program have a perfect record of passing principal licensure exams, which proves that the Master of Education in Educational Leadership at the University of Cincinnati can be a direct route to ascending to a career as principal in your community.

Curriculum & Instruction Teacher Leader
Unlike the Educational Leadership concentration, the Curriculum & Instruction Teacher Leader concentration of the University of Cincinnati’s Master of Education looks to bolster leadership qualities in teachers who want to remain educators. These teachers serve as team leaders and help to influence the curriculum to make the sort of changes that can really impact the quality of education a school offers. The purpose of this degree is to prepare educators to become certified Teacher Leaders by the National Board for Professional Teacher Standards. Some of the objectives in this distance education leadership program include:

Communication with Principals: Teacher Leaders must work closely with principals and administrators in order to put their vision in place in schools, which requires solid communication skills and understanding of management procedure.
Curriculum Development: Perhaps the best way to improve schools is by attacking the current curriculum and looking for innovative ways to enhance its offerings. Through the Teacher Leader concentration, educators focus on developing curriculum that meets the needs of today’s students to radically change the outdated offerings in most schools.
Leadership: Great Teacher Leaders need to be able to work with their peer educators to create effective programs that elevate the quality of education throughout the school.
Student Achievement: Learn how to bolster student achievement through new technologies and current education models to improve student evaluation and bring your school’s reputation up.

Utilizing an online format that is flexible to work with your current teacher career, educators can become Teacher Leaders as they work toward their master’s degree and NBPTS certification. The type of educator who is looking to become a leader in their team will benefit from the Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction Teacher Leader concentration through a blend of practice and research while networking with other educators who can share their own experiences.

Deciding Between Online Degrees in Leadership
To make the best decision between these focused distance education leadership degrees, educators must look inward at what they want from their teacher careers. An advanced education provides increased opportunity, but determining ahead of time what you want to get out of your master’s degree can keep you on the right path to reach your exact career goals.

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