Becoming a Teacher Leader

How to Become a Teacher Leader

As schools struggle to improve the quality of education they offer by catching up with technological development and implementing new teaching methods, a different sort of Teacher Leader becomes highly sought in the community. Developing Teacher Leaders who are knowledgeable about the recent changes in education that can immediately benefit students is a main goal for many schools. A straightforward way that many educators find helps them to succeed when learning how to become a Teacher Leader is through an advanced Master of Education program from a reputable school like the University of Cincinnati. In this program, students can focus on Teacher Leader Curriculum & Instruction to concentrate on passing current certification exams and impressing schools. To find out how developing Teacher Leaders can become certified with the help of focused online degree programs, consider the procedure for how to become a Teacher Leader.

National Board Certification for Developing Teacher Leaders
The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) sets the bar high for educators, and schools acknowledge that this type of certification separates the general educator from the highly skilled ones. For developing Teacher Leaders, becoming national board certified with the Teacher Leader certificate immediately communicates to employers your dedication to improving school leadership and your skills as an educator to accomplish this goal. Through certification, educators learn how to become Teacher Leaders who effectively impact student achievements and the quality of educators serving in schools. In many cases, having a NBPTS Teacher Leader in schools attracts other national board certified teachers and improves the standard of education offered in schools.

To earn your Teacher Leader certificate from the NBPTS, educators must meet eligibility requirements and pass a variety of assessments. Before applying, educators must have a bachelor’s degree and three years of licensed teaching or counseling experience. Meeting these basic requirements does not always mean that an educator is prepared for the assessment process, though. Through an advanced education in the University of Cincinnati’s Master of Education Teacher Leader concentration, educators can earn their master’s degree while helping improve the skills they will need in order to pass the NBPTS Teacher Leader assessment process.

The NBPTS assessment process includes a portfolio and completion of assessment exercises specific to the certificate you are applying for. Your four portfolio entries are broken down into three classroom-based documentation of your teacher leader abilities and one entry documenting a Teacher Leader success that occurred outside of the classroom. This encourages teachers to expand their influence beyond the walls of their classrooms and become the type of educator who doesn’t just impact students but also the community. During the assessment exercises, you must complete six 30-minute tests at an approved testing center. Developing Teacher Leaders earn certification after they are scored by a minimum of 12 NBPTS certified teachers who analyze both the portfolio and exercises for demonstrations of your ability to meet high education standards in your current career.

Benefits of Online Degrees to Prepare for Certification
The Teacher Leader certificate is one of the newest offerings from NBPTS that answers a specific need in the education community to find better leadership. With experienced NBPTS certified faculty to guide you through your preparation for the assessment process, the Master of Education program at the University of Cincinnati takes a direct approach to instilling the qualities Teacher Leaders need to become certified. Developing teacher leaders is a critical goal of the education community, and there are few more highly regarded professional organization than the NBPTS to certify an educator’s capabilities as a leader. Becoming NBPTS certified enhances your abilities, improves your background and increases the number of opportunities available to you as a Teacher Leader.

Online degree programs have grown in popularity and quality significantly since they were first offered. As more schools offer this option, educators have a more flexible format in which to pursue an advanced education, broaden their current knowledge of best education practices, learn and utilize the latest technologies and significantly enhance the quality of your instruction. Because you are no longer limited to the programs located in your area, you can find degree programs that concentrate on the exact subjects that will help you achieve career ambitions. The Curriculum & Instruction Teacher Leader concentration of the Master of Education program at the University of Cincinnati provides a unique opportunity for educators to simultaneously earn a graduate degree while actively preparing for Teacher Leader certification.

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