Teacher Leader Course Descriptions

Core Curriculum
CI 7001: Educational Research for Masters Students (3 hrs)
Students will explore the full range of educational research in current practice and develop an understanding of the role and limitations of research for informing educational practice. Students will select a topic of interest to them and conduct a literature review of this topic culminating in a final paper that demonstrates their knowledge of the literature, ability to read and synthesize research, and write according to standard protocols.

CI 7002: Curriculum and Instruction: Theories and Trends (3 hrs)
This course is part of the CI masters core. The course focuses on how curriculum and curricular activities are developed and impacted by legislative, and socio-political forces. The class will investigate the interaction of curriculum implementation and models of instruction in respect to student learning as well as how that curriculum is shaped.

CI 7003: Teaching and Learning in Diverse Classrooms (3 hrs)
This course is a required course for middle childhood and secondary licensure. This course exposes students to the problems, issues, and experiences of students from under-represented groups based on race, ethnicity, language, socio-economic status, and sexual identity. Students will use their experiences in field placements as starting points for reflection.

CI 7004: The Role of Teachers in a Democratic Society (3 hrs)
This class focuses on the historical, political, policy issues that are embedded in the development of classroom teaching and teachers in America. The course explores how teachers recreate social norms or are able to disrupt them leading to change. Participants will be expected to compare and reflect upon their own practices as teachers within our democratic society.

CI 7090: Master’s Project: Curriculum and Instruction (3 hrs)
This course involves writing a proposal and obtaining a master committee’s approval of that project proposal. The course also involves completing research and writing for the final master’s project.

Teacher Leader Curriculum
CI 7060: Developing and Sustaining Professional Learning Communities for Teacher Leaders (3 hrs)
This course provides participants an opportunity to explore the emerging research base about effective practices for creating, maintaining, and utilizing professional learning communities in schools and districts.

CI 7061: Coaching and Mentoring for Improved Results for Teacher Leaders (3hrs)
The purpose of this course is to develop (a) understanding of the research base for high quality coaching and mentoring, (b) how to design, implement, and sustain high quality coaching and mentoring, and (c) the effective use protocols during coaching and mentoring experiences.

CI 7062: Practicum Seminar for Teacher Leaders (3 hrs)
This practicum course, to be taken each semester (1 credit in the fall and 2 credits in the spring), is designed to support teacher leader candidate’s implementation of leadership activities.

CI 7063: Recognizing, Assessing and Supporting Quality Instructional Practicum (3 hrs)
This course of study in instructional leadership will introduce Teacher Leader Candidates to the research on, application of, and assessment of quality instruction.

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