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Choosing the Right Technology Education Program

Education needs a makeover, but with a constant influx of new students and just as constant enhancement of technologies, it can be difficult for many educators to implement necessary changes in schools. The truth is, however, that students expect to use the same technology they use in their daily lives in classrooms. To refresh your understanding of today’s education climate, the right technology education online program can work to your benefit. At the University of Cincinnati, technology teachers have access to a Master of Education degree provided fully online, with a concentration in STEM education. By choosing a focus that is specialized to your career ambitions, you can find the right technology education online degree to help you enhance your career and update your classroom simultaneously.

Advantages of Online Technology Education
No matter which level of education you wish to teach, it’s likely that you will encounter some resistance when you advocate for new technology. Whether it’s a budget concern or educators who are set in old ways, the need for new technologies in schools is critical to motivate students to nurture an interest in science and technology. As schools work to strengthen the STEM disciplines in their curricula, the need for technology education teachers will continue to increase, meaning that those who establish their abilities in this type of teaching may be better suited for more job opportunities. Armed with an advanced degree like the online Master of Education from the University of Cincinnati, educators can implement and innovate new programs that answer to students’ demands while setting them on a course to become the innovators of tomorrow’s new technologies. Once you’ve made the decision to pursue a technology education online degree, you begin to reap the rewards of this decision immediately.

Not only are technology education online programs more flexible than their traditional counterparts, but they also provide a unique benefit in that educators can balance their education with their current careers. This allows technology teachers to begin making changes in their classroom and schools before they even graduate. While under the supervision of experienced and, in some cases, award-winning faculty, teachers can experiment with new technologies without fear of failure. However, it is important that technology teachers learn how to distinguish reputable technology education online programs from less worthy online degrees.

What to Look For in a Technology Education Online Degree
When online degrees first became available to students, the quality of education did little else but to transform in-place correspondence education systems into email systems. While this sped up the interactions between student and teacher, it didn’t radically change the way people learn. Now, the online degrees offered by reputable schools like the University of Cincinnati don’t just provide a flexible education format for students but sometimes the quality of education is superior to a traditional learning environment because of the individual attention students receive, the ability to specialize your program and projects, and the extension of your professional network to a broader range of educators around the world. Because the quality of education differs so much from school to school, learning how to recognize a quality technology education online degree can help educators decide between the programs they find appealing.

A school’s professional reputation should always be considered when applying. Compare how the school’s programs stack up to others by looking at industry publications. Often, schools publicize their media coverage on their websites, so it can be worth your time to read the feedback that the education community gives. For example, the Master of Education program at the University of Cincinnati has been highly ranked by The Princeton Review, Chronicle of Higher Education, Academic Ranking of World Universities and other publications to verify the value of the education offered at this institution. However, you can’t go by just the media opinion alone. You should also research the accreditation of the technology education online program to ensure it meets the high standards that your future employers may be impressed by. All reputable technology education degrees should have regional accreditation as a basic requirement from the appropriate regional organization: Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, New England, Association of Schools and Colleges, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Choosing the right technology education online degree is the first step in helping accelerate your career to greater success.

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