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Advancing Your Technology Education Career

The increasing gap between the technology that students use in their daily lives and the technology they use in the classroom is a cause for concern for many educators, whether specifically working in a technology education career or working in another sector of education. Because school affords an opportunity to help students develop for the abilities they’ll need as adults, the demand for improved education technology has grown in schools that seek qualified instructors to make the necessary motions for innovation within their own school walls. With a Master of Education from the University of Cincinnati, a technology teacher can focus on the “T” discipline of the STEM education initiatives in schools and in order to help schools adapt to better utilize current technology. In turn, this helps students to function in an increasingly changing society.

Importance of Technology to Education
As schools work to integrate new technologies, the technology teacher’s role grows from simply working with students in a classroom to assisting other educators in working technology into their own curricula. Whether you’re seeking to work as an instructional coordinator, a technology teacher, or a different position dealing with education technology, the current demand for this type of educator is high in schools. To take advantage of the many opportunities available to a technology teacher today, you should pursue an advanced degree that focuses on the STEM disciplines that schools are prioritizing right now. At the University of Cincinnati, the unique STEM concentration provides an insightful degree program that prepares educators to tackle the challenges of technology education while inspiring students who will become the next generation of technology leaders. The importance of technology education cannot be denied, which is why a technology teacher may have greater career options.

Technology affects nearly every industry in order to simplify the way that we solve our problems. Some common technology disciplines that are in high demand at school are careers teaching nanotechnology, computer engineering, computer security, mechanical engineering and more. As a technology teacher, your goal will be to refresh the current systems in place in schools, provide your students access to the most advanced technology possible, give them the insight they will need to successfully use that technology and encourage the type of forward thinking that will allow some students to someday invent their own technologies. Answering the societal need for this type of skill in students, the Master of Education from the University of Cincinnati works to help the technology teacher to excite learners about the new possibilities that emerge from new technologies by providing a solid foundation in the current state of technology needs in the classroom.

Education Technology Resources
Most educators are resistant to new technology because they are afraid of the unknown. Because some of education’s oldest practices are its most successful, coaxing hardened instructors to extend their education experiences can be a difficult task for the technology teacher. However, the proven motivator that technology has been found to be for students, especially those who are typically apathetic to classroom exercises, demonstrates how hungry today’s learner is for a renewed perspective on education. To help technology teachers to easily convert the classroom to more advanced approaches, consider some of these resources:

Education World Teacher Technology Use: Get tips for helping other teachers use technology while using tools, templates and technology lesson plans provided freely on this website.
Edutopia Technology Integration: Learn from the examples set by schools that have already integrated new technology into their curricula, and discover tools relating to assistive technology, social networks, interactive whiteboards, online learning and more.
PBS Teachers: Navigate to impressive technology tools by grade level in order to find the lesson plans, activities and tools you’ll need to engage K-12 learners.
STEM Education Coalition: Devoted to advocate on behalf of technology teachers, the STEM Education Coalition exists to ensure that schools answer to the technology needs of their students and of society as a whole.

Of course, one of the most technologically advanced way to approach education is through reputable online degree programs like the University of Cincinnati’s online Master of Education, which doubly benefits educators by providing a flexible format for a graduate level education while also giving them firsthand experience with a dynamic online learning platform. As a technology teacher, you will emerge with a greater understanding of how online learning uniquely benefits the student in order to best implement this type of instruction in schools, no matter what the grade level.

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