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Getting a Mathematics Education Online Degree

For many schools, the biggest problem the mathematics department faces is apathy from students about the subject itself. Because math is such an integral component of daily life, it’s important for schools to motivate students to show more interest in this essential subject. Additionally, math provides the basis for discovery in science, engineering and technology, all disciplines that are critical for society’s advancement. If you’re an educator considering pursuing a math education online degree, one of the greatest benefits that reputable programs like the Master of Education from the University of Cincinnati offers is a refreshing perspective on inspiring students to take interest in mathematics. To best understand how getting a mathematics education online degree can help you advance in your career and enhance your classroom performance, consider the immediate benefits of a highly specialized online program for your current math teacher career.

Benefits of Math Education Online Degrees
A successful strategy for many math teachers is to take the day’s lesson and give it a real world example, which makes solving the math problem feel more like a game or puzzle. With computers, the Internet, and other new technologies, math teachers can diversify their classroom. During the course of the math education online degree offered at the University of Cincinnati, math teachers refresh their classroom strategies with current methods, resources and philosophies to reach more students and stimulate their interest in mathematics. With a unique concentration on STEM education, the Master of Education from the University of Cincinnati assists teachers in recognizing how the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics relate to one another to promote the vitality of society. Learning to become some of the world’s best problem solvers can begin with a simple math worksheet, but pursuing a math education online expands the approaches that teachers have to their subject to help ensure a higher interest and success rate for their students.

Because these math education online degrees are provided in a flexible format, educators can arrange their own schedules in order to perfectly balance their careers with their pursuits of education. Better yet, due to its online structure, math teachers can immediately implement the strategies they learn during the course of their Master of Education at the University of Cincinnati into their classrooms. This means you can start reforming your teaching tactics before you graduate and provides a safety blanket because you can troubleshoot any complications that might arise while still under the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable faculty. The network that is created through math education online degrees spans a wider distance, because these programs are accessible and appealing to talented math teachers from different places around the country. This works to broaden your perspective in a way that elevates the opportunities you come upon during the course of your math education online program.

Using Technology in Mathematics Education
A really easy way to generate interest in a modified curriculum is by using advanced technologies that students are curious about and often use in their daily lives. This includes one dominant point of interest for many developing minds: the computer. Using computers in the classroom isn’t a novelty for today’s schools, but using the computer effectively is an obstacle that many teachers have yet to overcome. During the course of your Master of Education at the University of Cincinnati, you become familiar with working through the leading technologies used in today’s math classrooms to generate student interest and ensure their academic success. Here are some tools that are free and available for math teachers:

PBS STEM Education Resource Center: Find games, videos, exercises and math tools that will immediately lighten the mood in your classroom while deepening the curriculum in math and other STEM disciplines.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: This professional organization and mathematics education advocate group provides resources for teachers and students alike to keep the classroom fresh and innovative. Choose a subject or browse by games, tools, tutoring or practice to find exercises that will keep your students engaged in any math subject.
Edutopia: Browse by grade level, strategy or videos to find an impressive range of math resources for teachers of all K-12 learners.

Technologically savvy educators are in high demand in schools that are desperately trying to enhance their classrooms without breaking the budget. During the course of your math education online degree at the University of Cincinnati, you become familiar with a range of ways to improve your classroom and advance your career.

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  • Brandon B says:

    Is there anyway of getting a math education masters but have a degree in science education? I would like to be able to teach both math and science, but not sure what is needed to be able to do that.

  • Brandon, at the University of Cincinnati the online Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program may align with your academic goals because it provides a foundation for educators to improve the classroom with tactics involving STEM integration. Please contact an Enrollment Advisor at 800-226-0075 to discuss your options further.