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Getting Ahead in Your Mathematics Education Career

The study of mathematics develops a profound sense of logical reasoning in students that helps them find success in some of society’s most critical fields, including engineering, technology, and science, as well as its most culturally significant, such as music and design. Its importance is undeniable, and an education initiative to improve the quality of education in math, as well as other STEM fields, is a priority for every school. This is why those employed as math teachers may discover ample job opportunity in schools over the next 10 years. Through a Master of Education through the University of Cincinnati’s STEM concentration, educators can bolster current math education careers in order to advance quickly and choose from the best teacher career opportunities.

Math Teacher Career Overview
For educators who choose to focus their careers on mathematics, they have the rewarding job of passing on information that students use in their daily lives. In addition, they lay the foundation for students with talent and motivation to become some of society’s most crucial members, as they go on to help solve problems in both the man-made and natural world. Because of the demand for high-quality math teachers, educators who are looking to switch to a math teacher career or advance their current careers may have more job opportunities available to them than other types of teacher career. A good way to raise your starting salary and gain the attention of the most desirable schools is to earn a graduate degree with a focus on your intended subject. At the University of Cincinnati, a math teacher career can be easily bolstered through the STEM concentration of the Master of Education. Some of the highest paying mathematics education careers require a master’s degree to be hired; so, earning your degree now can help you to stay ahead of the curve later on when you want to ascend to higher paying jobs.

Math is a required subject at every grade level, so math teachers can pick and choose which stage of education best suits their career goals. Here is the breakdown of salary and job description for each type of math teacher career:

Elementary school math teacher: With a generalist approach to basic math, elementary math teachers help developing learners succeed in this important discipline. Salary range: $33,830 – $78,720
Middle school math teacher: Math teachers teach a single discipline or area of mathematics to students who are adequately familiar with basic math. Salary range: $34,360 – $79,200
High school math teacher: Introducing students to more complicated math subjects, high school math teachers need an advanced understanding of the math they wish to teach to prepare learners to function in society and motivate some to math careers. Salary range: $34,600 – $82,000
Instructional coordinator: Develop the curriculum and choose the texts to help schools reform outdated mathematics programs. Salary range: $33,520 – $93,340
College math teacher: Requiring a firm background in multiple mathematics disciplines, a postsecondary math teacher career positions educators alongside the brightest students in this subject. Salary range: $35,480 – $118,450

In order to teach at a higher level of mathematics education, a master’s degree is required by many schools. For those who can’t leave their current classrooms in order to pursue an advanced education, online degree programs have become increasingly appealing options. As these programs rise in popularity and reputation, math teachers may find success in programs like the University of Cincinnati’s online Master of Education, where you can choose from a variety of concentrations to find the degree that best aligns with your career ambitions. The STEM concentration of the Master of Education provides an excellent opportunity for a math teacher career focused on enhancing the study of these important disciplines in all schools.

Importance of Mathematics

Math crosses over into many different areas of education, so it’s critical that developing learners have a firm grasp on how to use it to accomplish other learning goals. Whether a student wants to become a farmer, a philosopher or a physicist, math will play a daily role in his or her life, and it’s the duty of the math teacher to convey its importance and motivate the learner to embrace this discipline. Through the STEM concentration of the Master of Education at the University of Cincinnati, math teachers can enhance a current math teacher career by updating the curriculum and learning new ways to reach and excite today’s learners.

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