STEM Course Description

Core Curriculum
CI 7001: Educational Research for Master’s Students (3 hrs)
Students will explore the full range of educational research in current practice and develop an understanding of the role and limitations of research for informing educational practice. Students will select a topic of interest to them and conduct a literature review of this topic culminating in a final paper that demonstrates their knowledge of the literature, ability to read and synthesize research, and write according to standard protocols.

CI 7002: Curriculum and Instruction: Theories and Trends (3 hrs)
This course is part of the CI master’s core. The course focuses on how curriculum and curricular activities are developed and impacted by legislative, and socio-political forces. The class will investigate the interaction of curriculum implementation and models of instruction in respect to student learning as well as how that curriculum is shaped.

CI 7003: Teaching and Learning in Diverse Classrooms (3 hrs)
This course is a required course for middle childhood and secondary licensure. This course exposes students to the problems, issues, and experiences of students from under-represented groups based on race, ethnicity, language, socio-economic status, and sexual identity. Students will use their experiences in field placements as starting points for reflection.

CI 7004: The Role of Teachers in a Democratic Society (3 hrs)
This class focuses on the historical, political, policy issues that are embedded in the development of classroom teaching and teachers in America. The course explores how teachers recreate social norms or are able to disrupt them leading to change. Participants will be expected to compare and reflect upon their own practices as teachers within our democratic society.

CI 7090: Master’s Project: Curriculum and Instruction (3 hrs)
This course involves writing a proposal and obtaining a master committee’s approval of that project proposal. The course also involves completing research and writing for the final master’s project.

STEM Curriculum

CI 6005: Integrating STEM into Practice (3 hrs)
This course will provide an interdisciplinary approach to integrating STEM into practice across the disciplines. The course will involve the participation in problem-based and project-based learning activities, mathematics and science inquiries learning tasks, and using technology to gain and display information. Students will practice backwards design to develop their own STEM learning activity. Graduate students will implement their activity in a classroom and monitor student learning outcomes.

CI 7032: Science Learning in Laboratory and Inquiry Settings (3 hrs)
This course explores the historical development of laboratory and active learning experiences in science curriculum and classrooms. Students will explore the research on science learning through the use of demonstrations, lab activities, student inquiries, and problem-based learning.

CI 7040: Mathematics as Problem Solving (3 hrs)
This course will teach activities to help illustrate the connection between mathematics and other subject areas including music, art, social studies, science, and literacy.

CI 8072: Learning Sciences and Technology (3 hrs)
This course provides a fundamental understanding of learning sciences, an interdisciplinary field dedicated to studying learning and how learning may be facilitated in designed environments. Students will design a technology-based learning environment and conduct an evaluation of the embedded theories in an existing environment of their choice, such as digital media, games, or other innovative technologies.

CI 7010: Improving Instructional Effectiveness: Clinical Experience (3 hrs)
Study of teacher behaviors that influence the academic achievement of students. Participants learn new effective pedagogy and implement one or more of the various strategies into their diverse clinical placements, gather data, and analyze the impact on student learning. This clinical experience can be completed in a student’s current work setting or in a arranged placement determined with their advisors. Students in the medical and advanced teaching master’s degree programs must participate in the field experience prior to the completion of their degree.

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  • Ann Roberts says:

    If I already have a Masters in Education… what will I need to take to qualify to teach the Stem program in Ohio and get the licensure

  • Kyle Wallace says:

    Hi Ann,

    There is not currently a STEM endorsement in Ohio. In regards to the qualifications to teach STEM, I would advise getting in touch with your local district to see if they have any special requirements. If you have further questions please feel free to contact us at (800) 226-0075 and we will be happy to assist you!

  • Amy Banks says:

    Hello! I have been teaching 2nd-4th grade science for 7 years in an independent school setting. I do not have nor do I wish to pursue state licensure, but I am VERY interested in this program. Am I eligible to apply? How can I find out about the cost–tuition and fees? My school does provide tuition support for those seeking advanced degrees, and I would love to take advantage of that!

  • Jeannie Rosa says:

    Hi Amy,

    It’s a pleasure to hear from you! Thank you for inquiring about our program. I am your Enrollment Advisor, and I can help answer all of your questions. Based on the information you just provided, you are eligible to apply to the program. I will go ahead and email our program at a glance which provides you with a snapshot of the program. Please give me a call at 800-226-0075 ext. 5017 so we can discuss your options. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Take care
    Jeannie Rosa

  • Margaret S. says:

    I have my Master’s in Education and my supervisory certificate. I am seeking a science endorsement to add to my certification. I am thinking about the NextGen standards and their emphasis on STEM in each discipline. I am interested in your program. Is it possible to attain an endorsement in this area through your school?

  • Hi Margaret, you have the option of applying to the STEM Graduate Certificate program which will focus on STEM concentrated courses only. STEM is considered a Certificate not an Endorsement. Please contact an Enrollment Advisor at 800-226-0075 for more details.

  • George says:

    I teach AP physics and Chemistry and am looking to improve Calculus and advanced physics, with chemistry, materials, fluid dynamics ect. more than teaching techniques. Is there another program I could look at?

  • Hi George, Thank you for your inquiry into the Master of Education Distance Learning Programs. At this time we do not have a program on the Distance Learning platform that would align with your academic goals. Please contact an enrollment advisor at 1-800-226-0075 or you can contact the UC Graduate School directly for more information.