Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

A Program Dedicated to Your Passion for Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Through student-centered, integrated learning approaches, you will learn how to prepare students to seek and formulate solutions to the most pressing issues using 21st Century Learning goals. The curriculum focuses on integrating mathematics, science, technology, and engineering concepts across disciplines. It prepares educators to design project-based learning experiences and develops a framework for thinking about the role of STEM subjects in all aspects of society. Students will become comfortable with analysis, problem solving, and critical thinking as they navigate through courses.

Increased involvement in STEM education opens the door improving the quality of K-12 education overall. Through day-to-day learning, you will inspire your students to become active and informed citizens in an ever more technological and complex world.

STEM Resources

A collection of articles and resources designed to help teachers like you determine if the UC MEd in Curriculum and Instruction STEM program is the right path for your educational career.

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STEM Curriculum

You can expect an accredited program backed by a rigorous, comprehensive curriculum. Gain the insight and necessary hands-on experience to reach your goals.

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