Reading Teacher Salary Guide

Boost Your Earnings With an Online Master of Education

Teaching at the elementary level is rewarding in many ways, but the question that persists in many educators’ minds is: how can I increase my earnings? For reading specialists, earning a focused Master of Education from the University of Cincinnati could be your ticket to wage increases. Graduate degrees can positively impact starting wages as well as lead to salary advancement for reading teachers, and in many states, are becoming a requirement for employment. For more tips on how you can earn more, consult this reading teacher salary guide.

Your Reading Teacher Salary
Working with developing learners is a challenge for reading teachers, because student success in reading classes very much impacts their success in other subjects. The salary range for this career can fall anywhere between $33,830 and $78,720 on average. Your reading teacher salary can start out significantly higher if you have a Masters in Education, though, realizing the average graduate degree holder with beginning wages close to $40,000 and higher. Many schools are also moving toward a merit-based pay system for educators. This means that the better your students perform on comprehensive exams, the better situated you are for a raise. To maximize the impact your degree can have on your career, find a master’s degree in education with a focus in reading, like the Reading Specialist focus offered as part of the master’s degree program at the University of Cincinnati. By concentrating your education on the subject you teach, you ensure that your knowledge of current education theories and practices can immediately benefit your classroom.

Another way that educators can earn higher pay is by having more experience and taking on extra responsibilities at school. This can be in taking leadership roles in your department or by taking part in extracurricular activities like clubs and sports. For active educators who are looking to remain in elementary education, administration will expect you to constantly be updating your education through certification or through post-graduate work. You can also ensure that your classroom is up to date by keeping up with education publications and utilizing online resources that are in many cases provided online for free.

Advantages of Online Graduate Degrees
As more colleges and universities offer online degrees, the quality of the education available to reading teachers has drastically improved. Additionally, the advancement of technologies to allow for more diverse course offerings has also driven up the popularity of these programs among working professionals. Online chat, discussions, interactive white boards, videos and dynamic presentations are just some of the tools used to create a well-rounded distance education offering. What’s more, because so many schools now offer online degrees, reading teachers have access to an almost limitless number of programs. This gives them the ability to find the exact program that best suits their interests and career goals.

When choosing an online Master of Education program that will best impact your reading teacher salary, look for programs like the one offered by the University of Cincinnati, which has proper accreditation to ensure the quality of the program and the respect of the education community through high rankings in reputable publications. If you’re unfamiliar with proper accreditation organizations, its important to recognize that any worthwhile online degree program will be regionally accredited by one of these organizations:

Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
New England Association of Schools and Colleges
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
Northwest Association of Accredited Schools
Western Association of Schools and Colleges
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Additional accreditation could also ensure your certification qualifications at the end of your degree program, which is the case with the University of Cincinnati, but at the very minimum, you should ensure that your degree program has been regionally accredited.

For teachers who do not want to leave their positions in order to pursue a master’s, online degrees are the perfect solution. They can be completed in your own time, which affords reading teachers the flexibility they need to work with their daily work schedules. Perhaps the most powerful benefit for your reading teacher salary is that you can implement what you learn throughout the program directly into your own classroom to understand what works and what doesn’t. Networking with peers from all over the country can help you identify other districts you might be interested in working in and troubleshoot issues with students. As your students are exposed to the new classroom strategies you acquire, their performance should improve, leading to a greater chance for an increase in your reading teacher salary before you even graduate.

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