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When preparing educators to take on new roles, it is imperative that the faculty understands what it’s like to be on the front lines…in the classroom, in school board meetings, and chairing committees. Your faculty is passionate about promoting and empowering leaders in education, because they’ve been there. Like you, the UC faculty seeks to enhance the educational experience for all students no matter their learning level. The faculty team will share and communicate their experiences through hands-on learning and collaboration. In the virtual classroom environment, great care is taken to create a community of support, valuable feedback, and expert guidance at all times.

Susan Watts-Taffe, PhD, Associate Professor, Literacy and Second Language Studies

As University of Cincinnati’s Associate Professor in the Reading Specialist program. Watts-Taffe is a recognized professor with several awards including the Distinguished Teaching Award.

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Holly Johnson, PhD, Director of the School of Education & Associate Professor

School Director and Associate Professor, Holly Johnson joined the University of Cincinnati in 2004.

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