Reading Specialist Curriculum

Curriculum Designed for Innovative Learning

The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Reading Specialist program’s curriculum is intended to aid you in empowering students at any stage of literacy while fostering reading and writing skills. Additionally, the curriculum enables educators to learn to address and adapt to the social, cultural, and linguistic factors that contribute to your students’ development.

Designed by UC’s expert faculty, the curriculum of the University of Cincinnati online Master of Education program strives to be at the forefront of educational innovation. Complemented by peer groups, a unique community of learning develops. Our Master’s in Education courses are challenging and rewarding, as you are empowered to quickly apply your knowledge in your own school. Incorporating innovation, insight, and real-world application, you will gain the confidence and expertise to rise to the challenge and lead.

UC Master of Education Reading Program Curriculum

Explore the curriculum specifically designed for professional teachers ready to become experts in literacy and school leaders.

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Reading Specialist Course Description

Here you can view all of the courses with descriptions and credit hours for your new Master of Education curriculum.

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