Special Education Teaching Resources

10 Important Special Education Teaching Resources

Dedicated educators who teach in Special Education classrooms must come equipped not only with an effective teaching style but also with a strong balance of patience and motivation to keep different types of learners engaged. If you’re making a career change or looking to enhance your current abilities as a Special Education teacher, consider the benefit of pursuing a focused online Masters in Education devoted to enriching your understanding of Special Education. The Special Education Master’s degree at the University of Cincinnati looks to deepen the classroom experience of students and educators by seeking out more successful teaching methods. You can also find a wealth of Special Education teaching resources on the Web that report the latest news, developments and successes in Special Education by exploring the links below.

Special Education Classroom Resources
Discovery Education: Special Education Resources: With links to site providing assistive technologies, gifted education resources, social skills improvement tips, language pathology and more, this compilation of Special Education teaching resources is an impressive supplement to an already thorough educator resource hosted by Discovery Education.

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC): In this education literature database, special education teachers have access to countless journals and reports dealing with the current state of education and its rich history. Educators also benefit from tutorials and training guides provided by the Department of Education through ERIC.

Education World: Special Education: A dynamic community of educators exists at Education World with focused attention to the Special Education teaching resources you’ll find useful in your career. Sort through archived articles pertaining to Gifted, Mild to Multiple Disabilities cases, assistive technology, the IEP process and message boards for networking and discussion about the articles on the site and other topics of interest.

GreatSchools: Special Education: This resource formed as a support network for parents can also provide great insight into learning disabilities you might encounter in your Special Education classroom. You can browse by topic or by grade level to begin researching the information available about different learning abilities at different levels of maturity.

Teach-nology: Special Education Lesson Plans: Peruse teacher-submitted lesson plans with proven effectiveness in actual classrooms at this online Special Education teaching resource. Lesson plans span from classroom activities to individual exercises and cover a range of emotional, physical and mental learning disabilities. The site also provides tips and tools for other educational approaches, which could aid Special Education teachers who are working in inclusion settings.

News and Professional Organizations
Council for Exceptional Children: One of the best Special Education teaching resources is provided by the Council for Exceptional Children. On this site, you’ll find information on how to get licensed, updates on Special Education news, instructional strategies and a dedicated support system for anything you might not be able to find on the site.

Education Week: Special Education: The news aggregator at Education Week pulls together the top stories pertaining to Special Education in the news right now, so you always know what is happening in the broader community. You can search archives, utilize professional development Special Education exercises and participate in discussions with other passionate educators.

Edutopia: Special Ed: This education technology advocacy group provides a support system for educators with Special Education teaching resources you can browse by grade level, core strategies, school case studies, and a strong community forum with a discussion devoted to Special Education issues, strategies and concerns. During the Master of Education program at the University of Cincinnati, students devote time to understanding and reinforcing their teaching styles to better serve the special needs of different learners.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA): Educators must keep up with the latest news in education policy, and the website for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act works as an easily searchable database for anything you need to know about this important reform advocating on behalf of your students. They also host a variety of tools to use in and outside of the classroom.

National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET): Created as a national forum of Special Education ideas for teachers, the Special Education teaching resources provided by this organization include audio lectures, information to become Special Education board certified, literacy instruction, professional development insight and more.

Whether you’re making a career switch or looking to broaden your background as a Special Education teacher, one of the most meaningful ways to improve your teaching is to pursue a Master of Education at a reputable school like the University of Cincinnati.

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