Educational Leadership Degree Program Objectives for Educators

A degree in Educational Leadership gives you more options than a subject-specific Master of Education. UC MEd Educational Leadership graduates have options; whether they wish to enhance their teaching skills within the classroom, seek an administrative path or want to build upon their leadership skills. The Educational Leadership program has seen its graduates go on to roles as principals and assistant principals, union leaders, department chairs, and school board contributors. Many choose to stay in the classroom and use their newfound skills in communication to help their students reach their full potential. The Educational Leadership degree provides you the flexibility to follow the path that is right for you both right now and in the future.

Program objectives:

  • Leadership – Facilitate the development and articulation of a vision of learning that is supported by the school community.
  • Community Connections – Learn to collaborate with families and the community by responding to diverse interests and needs.
  • Ethics & Integrity – Pursue ethical decisions by leading with integrity and a commitment to personal learning and growth.
  • Learning & Teaching – Create and maintain a safe and positive school environment that motivates and supports learning.
  • Contexts of Education – Teach students to understand, respond and influence the political, social, economic, legal, and cultural contexts of their learning communities.
  • Managing Resources – Learn to obtain and manage the use of resources to effectively and efficiently meet educational needs and apply technology for effective decision making.
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