Educational Leadership Course Listings

University of Cincinnati’s Educational Leadership courses are challenging and rewarding, as you are empowered to quickly apply your knowledge in your own school. Incorporating innovation, insight, and real-world application, you can gain the confidence and expertise to rise to the challenge and lead.

Program Courses (30 total hours)

    • EDLD-7035: Educational Leadership Theory  (3 credits)
    • EDLD-7038: Leadership for Social Justice (3 credits)
    • EDLD-7050: Principal Clinical Internship I (3 credits)
    • EDLD-8032: Human Resources Administration in Education (3 credits)
    • EDLD-8034: School Finance (3 credits)
    • EDLD-8035: School Law (3 credits)
    • EDLD-8036: Curriculum Development & Data Analysis (3 credits)
    • EDLD-8037: School & Community Partnerships (3 credits)
    • EDLD-8038: Instructional Supervision (3 credits)
    • Elective: any approved online CI/SPED/EDST/ECE/LSLS course (3 credits)

Program Electronic Portfolio Due

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