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10 Top Curriculum & Instruction Teacher Resources

Working to improve the quality of learning in schools is a noble mission assumed by dedicated and experienced educators. To keep up with changes in education policy, updates in technology, current education theory and other critical topics, educators rely on some of the Web’s best curriculum & instruction teacher resources. In conjunction with a Master’s in Education from a reputable program like the ones offered at the University of Cincinnati, educators become a vehicle of information that can make them indispensable in schools. If you’re interested in becoming a curriculum & instruction leader in your school, check out some of these incredible tools that exist for free and are available now to improve your perspective on education.

Technology & Classroom Resources Few curriculum & instruction teacher resources are as dedicated to technology integration as Providing tools to simplify the use of new technologies while still providing quality instruction, also works to assist with at-risk and special-needs students. For educators, you can also find sections devoted to technology planning, tutorials and assistive technologies.

Discovery Education Digital Gadgets: One of the best curriculum & instruction teacher resources is provided by Discovery Education, which offers some of the most engaging learning tools for free on the Web. In this section of the site, curriculum & instruction teachers can find extensive resources relating to introducing technology in the classroom, including links to assist with podcasting, videoconferencing, digital cameras and more.

Education World: Find valuable curriculum & instruction teacher resources at Education World, an educational social media tool that seeks to integrate the Internet smoothly into classrooms. With a search engine that only searches education sites, you can easily skim other top sites from this community, while also benefiting from online classroom exercises, suggested lesson plans, computer tips, and an entire section devoted to technology integration.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE): The Department of Education provides a wealth of curriculum & instruction teacher resources broken down by subject. Explore free online articles covering Arts & Music, Health & Phys Ed, Language Arts, Math, Science, World Studies, U.S. History and U.S. Time Periods to effectively lead your team and develop new lesson plans.

PBS Teachers: Educators who teach K-12 find some of the highest quality of learning tools provided for free by PBS. The tools are broken down conveniently according to grade levels, and educators can also utilize online professional development exercises to enhance their own classroom behavior while working to improve student engagement levels.

Professional Associations & Policy Reform
Association of American Educators: This advocacy group stands up for teachers and education causes and offers professional development opportunities. For curriculum & instruction teachers, this resource is valuable when training teachers on new teaching methods. It’s also a powerful tool for educators struggling to create reform in their schools.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD): By bringing together dedicated educators, this nonprofit association advocates for better practices for student learning with the goal to reach every student in the school systems. With a focus on leadership, the curriculum & instruction teacher resources you’ll find here provide insight into online learning, professional development and research into education reform. Keep up with current policy changes, petitions and other pertinent information regarding education causes at this site. Search by topics such as Education Reform, Education & Technology, Literacy, School Funding and even more specific subjects such as Student Culture and School Censorship. This tool helps curriculum & instruction teachers to keep up with advancements of all kinds in education. As part of the Master of Education program at the University of Cincinnati, educators devote time to understanding and analyzing education law, and the case studies documented at can help give depth to that understanding.

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC): Provided by the Department of Education, ERIC is the most comprehensive database of education literature on the Web and is thus indispensable to someone interested in curriculum & instruction teacher resources. Search through journals and texts to research past methods, keep up with current trends and explore subjects of your interest.

EduCause: A considerable research database exists for educators provided by EduCause, a nonprofit association that seeks to promote better use of information technology. At this site, you’ll find applied research, teaching initiatives, leadership tools and professional development activities. Additionally, you can take part in the community in order to collaborate and network with other educators who share your ambition for curriculum & instruction reform.

Curriculum & instruction teachers must constantly build upon their own education because of the influence they have over the instruction students receive.

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