Curriculum and Instruction Resources

This section provides updates, information, and current articles about teacher salaries, careers, programs, and educational tools that may be helpful for you and your educational goals. Articles posted here are not written by the University of Cincinnati and are made available to our current, present, and potential students as a resource only.

Curriculum and Instruction Careers

Get a full overview of career as a curriculum & instruction teacher to see if pursuing an online Master of Education at the University of Cincinnati could help you reach your career ambitions sooner.

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C&I Salary Guide

Find out what you need to know with this guide to curriculum & instruction salaries to advance your career and earn higher wages after an online Master of Education from the University of Cincinnati.

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Becoming a C&I Teacher

The online Master of Education program offered at the University of Cincinnati specifically looks to advance education careers by showing teachers how to become a curriculum & instruction teacher.

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Find the Right C&I Degree

Teachers discover what to look for in an online Curriculum & Instruction degree by considering accredited and highly ranked programs like the University of Cincinnati’s focused Master of Education.

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Curriculum and Instruction Resources

Prepare yourself for a life devoted to education by finding the top curriculum & instruction teacher resources available on the Web, including a Master of Education from the University of Cincinnati.

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  • Gerard F. Conyers II says:

    I am Currently a Senior that is finishing up my last semester in getting a Bachelors in Elementary Education. I want to know if you guys are NYS Accreditable and about how long would it take to complete this program?

  • Kyle Wallace says:

    Hi Gerald – Our program is Regionally accredited as well as NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education) accredited, so the degree will be recognized in New York. It is a two year program. Please feel free to call me at 800-226-0075 and I’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Looking forward to speaking with you!