Are You Ready to be a Leader In Education?

The University of Cincinnati maintains its high rankings in part due to its competitive admissions standards. These standards provide great insight into the strength of a program or an institution. Each and every teacher accepted into the Master of Education program will share your passion for teaching, developing young minds, and improving their school.

The admissions process can seem daunting even for people who have done it multiple times. Each University is different, but few achieve the lengths of UC with regard to the resources made available to its prospective students. Many of your questions about applications, financial aid, and tuition will be addressed in the following sections. But should you need more answers, please do not hesitate to call one of the dedicated Enrollment Advisors who are ready to assist you during any stage of your decision process.

Financial Aid

The majority of university students use some level of financial aid as they pursue their degree. A list of useful resources has been compiled here to get you started.

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It is important to understand the financial commitment you can expect. In this section, you’ll find the most current costs and fees associated with the UC online Master of Education degree.

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Admission Requirements

Make sure you’re prepared. This section details the exact requirements necessary to be admitted to the program.

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Academic Calendar

UC offers students four convenient start dates, making it easy for you to determine which start date works for you.

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Technical Requirements

Because you will be working in a virtual classroom setting, there are several necessary requirements for your computer.

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Transfer Credits

Did you know that it’s possible to transfer graduate credits from accredited universities? The following guidelines outline the necessary steps.

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Application Instructions

Find simple, step-by-step instructions to assist you in the application process.

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State Regulations & Reciprocity

As a result of the DOE Higher Education regulation changes, the University of Cincinnati College of Education will no longer be accepting applications from specific states. We have provided a list for your reference.

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Virtual Open House

UC is proud to introduce a Virtual Open House for select online programs.

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  • rob says:

    I am interested in the educational leadership program. I am a science teacher, but was never received a ohio teaching license. I finished a MS in education from the University of Dayton, but never did the student teaching. My wife had been unemployed, and we could not afford for me to take the time off to do it. if I were accepted to your Educational Leadership Masters program, could I do the student teaching within that program? I have verything but that and methods left.

  • Kyle Wallace says:

    Hello Rob – The Educational Leadership internship is designed to give our students administrative experience, so it will not be able to be used as student teaching. I advise getting in touch with the Department of Education to explain to them your situation and see what they suggest as the best way for you to earn your teaching license. We’ve spoken in the past, so I will follow up with you to assist in any way I can. In the meantime feel free to contact one of our Enrollment Advisors if you have any other questions at 800-226-0075.