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University of Cincinnati Honored with National Award for Its Preparation of Teachers

University of Cincinnati meets the rigorous performance-based standards to achieve NCATE endorsement…

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University of Cincinnati Organizes National Assembly Aimed at Helping Every Student Succeed

University of Cincinnati–based research center launches a policy assembly to address the K-12 achievement gap…

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Celebrating a Century of Excellence

Take a look at the historical accomplishments of the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services, and a look at its impact on shaping the future of education.

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University of Cincinnati to Receive Teacher Education and Quality Accountability Award

University of Cincinnati will receive AACTE Best Practice Award…

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Webinar Recordings

Learn about the online Master of Education program and its concentrations from the experts through recently recorded webinars.

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Check out all of University of Cincinnati’s latest infographics.

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10 Classic Novels for High School Literature Students

The list is of proposed reading material is seemingly endless and always up for discussion. The following books represent a handful of classics across a variety of genres that will introduce students to concepts that will test their critical thinking and analysis skills required by the Common Core standards. 1.                  Brave New World, Aldous Huxley [...]

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Defining Educational Leadership in the U.S. School System

Understanding Educational Leadership in U.S. Schools   Educational leadership in schools can be viewed through two distinctly different lenses: (1)    a focus on the positions of responsibility within each individual school (2)    the larger view of the school system at the state and district levels Each of these viewpoints allows for an important perspective on [...]

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Understanding the Need for STEM Education in the United States

Five Reasons That STEM Education Matters to the U.S. Five years ago, the White House launched the “Educate to Innovate” initiative which is designed to improve the global competitiveness of American children in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. One of the goals of this initiative is to develop 100,000 additional [...]

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10 Tips on Promoting Consistent Concentration in Students

One of the biggest issues an educator faces is trying to keep all students focused on their learning. Concentration problems occur for a variety of reasons, so no one strategy is going to work with every student. Some children become bored easily, while others try hard to concentrate and yet are distracted by every sound [...]

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The IPad Debate: Are IPads Truly Helping With Education?

Technology is changing the world quickly. One of the things that was not heard of a decade ago is quickly making its way not only into every home, but also into the classroom. This technology is the iPad. As with all new technology, the debate as to whether the use of the iPad in the classroom is [...]

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How Special Ed Students Can Excel With Technology

Special education students have traditionally had less chance of reaching their full potentials in classrooms because their learning styles or special needs vary so greatly schools have had difficulty meeting each of the different needs. Technology has come to the rescue, providing more specialized assistance to a greater number of students. The introduction of technology [...]

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The Five Most Common Learning Disabilities Seen in Schools Today

The National Joint Committee for Learning Disabilities defines the term “Learning disabilities” (LD) as a group of disorders evidenced by noticeable difficulties in the attainment of listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning or mathematical skills.” At any given time, there are upwards of eighty percent of today’s students who are experiencing some type of reading disability alone. [...]

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UC Master of Education Student Helps Launch School STEM Program

This school year, Kerrie Bettes will be part of a team of teachers launching a STEM program at Freedom Middle School in Canton, Georgia. This will be the first time the school has tried a STEM initiative, and Kerrie attributed the program’s creation to the rising awareness of the impact STEM teaching can have on [...]

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Social media debate – to use in the classroom or ignore

The use of social media has skyrocketed, as more sites make their applications available to users. As of 2015, 65 percent of American adults and 90 percent of young adults – those ages 18 to 29 – utilized online profiles, according to the Pew Research Center. Since the popularity of social media shows no signs [...]

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The Role of Teachers in Modeling Positive Behavior

The younger a student is, the more adaptable their thought processes and habits are in response to positive role models. A role model can be anyone that someone looks up to and wishes to be like – and that bond can develop at any age. However, it’s particularly crucial in early years. Students might look up to [...]

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10 Trends for the Future of Teaching in Remote Locations

Although it might seem as if “everyone is online these days,” that’s not truly the case – even in the United States. Millions of public school pupils live in rural and under-served areas where it is difficult to access the technological resources others take for granted. More than 2 million Americans still use dial-up Internet [...]

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