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Promoting the Importance of Literacy Begins with Teachers Like You

Do you long to offer all students, regardless of learning level, the knowledge to excel in reading comprehension and application? The University of Cincinnati Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Reading Specialist program can give you the skills to empower students to rise to the challenges before them with confidence.

The Reading Specialist program provides the knowledge and skills to support students at differing stages of literacy development and from differing cultural and linguistic backgrounds. You’ll be prepared to use a wide variety of assessment tools and practices to plan and evaluate effective reading instruction and to offer key strategies to create a literate environment that fosters reading and writing. The program is designed to address the social, cultural and linguistic factors that contribute to a student’s reading and writing development. This coursework meets NCATE standards for specialization in reading while aiding teachers in becoming empowered to assess, diagnose, evaluate, and educate students at varying levels of literacy.

Graduates of the Reading Specialist program are eligible to apply for the Reading Specialist certificate/endorsement from the state of Ohio. Out-of-state graduates will need to check with their state’s Department of Education to see if this program will meet the needs to fulfill the requirements for similar certificates/endorsements.

Upon completing this program, graduates are required to pass a Praxis Series Exam to obtain their endorsement in the state of Ohio. Graduates residing in other states will need to determine their state’s specific requirements for licensure. For more information about the Praxis Series, click here.

Reading Specialist Program

Influence advancements in student literacy with the tools of this accredited Master of Education program.

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Reading Specialist Resources

A collection of articles and resources designed to help teachers like you determine if the Reading Specialist program from UC is the right path for your educational career goals.

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Reading Specialist Faculty

Prepare for a unique learning experience. The expert, active professors of the Master of Education program will help you develop the skills you have always had.

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Reading Specialist Curriculum

Student-centered curriculum will prepare you with the tools to become an innovative advocate for reading and writing.

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  • Terri Williams says:

    I am an unemployed educator. I am interesting in getting a masters degree in reading. Do I have to be working in a school to be accepted into this program?

  • Jeannie Rosa says:

    Hello Terri – It is a pleasure to hear from you! While you do not have to be working in a school while you are in the program, you will need to have access to a school/classroom once you start your practicum. Please feel free to contact me at 800-226-0075 so that I may share with you some examples of what some of our current students are doing. Thanks!

  • Sarah W. says:

    I have an undergrad degree in speech and hearing science (pre speech-language pathology). Will a program like this accept a non traditional bachelor’s degree?

  • Annie says:

    Is this program offered online?

  • Kyle Wallace says:

    Annie – Our entire Master of Education program is offered 100% online. Please fill out the lead form or contact an enrollment advisor at 800-226-0075 so that we may better assist you. Thanks!

  • shuhaira shah says:

    Since it is an online course, is it available for overseas students as well?

  • Kyle Wallace says:

    Hi Sarah – The short answer is yes. If you are already a licensed, experienced teacher you can enter the program with any type of undergraduate degree. Our programs are designed for licensed teachers with two exceptions, Special Education and our Curriculum and Instruction master’s degree with a STEM concentration. Both of these programs are designed for a non-traditional setting. It is important to note, none of our programs are designed to lead to initial licensure. If you have any further questions please contact an enrollment advisor at 800-226-0075.

  • Kyle Wallace says:

    Our programs are available to anyone in the world as long as you meet the program requirements. We have several international students currently enrolled in our programs. If you have any other questions or would like to apply to one of our programs, please contact us at 800-226-0075.

  • amina says:

    Hello – I would like to study for a master’s degree. I have wes doc’s for my teaching degree. Do you offer online courses to South African students and does one have to complete a thesis?

  • Kyle Wallace says:

    Hi Amina, thank you for getting in touch with us! We do accept International Students for the program and there is no thesis for our program. Instead you are asked to do a final master’s project to complete your degree. I will follow up with you so we can discuss the program and final masters project in more depth. In the mean time if you have any further questions please feel free to contact an enrollment advisor at 800-226-0075.

  • Kristin says:

    I have a master’s degree in speech-language-pathology. I have not obtained my permanent license yet.

    What would I need to do to become a reading specialist?

  • Thomas Furio says:

    Kristin, our Reading Specialist program provides educators with a valid teaching license with the prerequisites to earn the Reading Specialist endorsement in the state of Ohio. We do have reciprocity with many states so the program may help you earn the endorsement in your state as well. We would be happy to speak with you to help you determine how this applies in your specific situation. Please contact one of our Enrollment Advisors at 800-226-0075.

  • Simonique Ramkhalawan says:

    I am a foreign student and I want to know if i would be able to pursue this course or if there are nationality barriers.

  • As an overseas student do I need to have GRE?

  • Kyle Wallace says:

    Hi Simonique – We do not require the GRE of anyone who has an undergraduate GPA over a 3.0. If you earned your degree overseas you will need to have your transcript evaluated by WES in order to determine what your GPA is equivalent to. Your advisor Jeannie Rosa will be happy to follow up with you and assist you with this. In the mean time, feel free to reach her at 800-226-0075.

  • Kyle Wallace says:

    Hi Simonique – We welcome international students into our distance learning programs. The only difference that you will find between the application process is that if you attended an overseas university we will need you to have your transcript evaluated by WES so we can see what your degree and GPA is equivalent to in the US. We will also need you to take the TOEFL. Your advisor Jeannie Rosa will be happy to follow up with you and assist you with this. In the mean time, feel free to reach her at 800-226-0075.

  • Michele says:

    Hello! I’m currently teaching right now and I’m looking to take one class right now. How should I get started? Do I need still need to have same admissions requirements, such as writing an essay, etc?
    Thank you for your time!

  • Jeannie Rosa says:

    Hi Michelle – The process for taking continuing education courses is really easy. All we need from you to get started is one form. As your enrollment advisor, I will follow-up with you to get you this document as well as to help get your registered for your desired class. In the meantime, if you have any additional questions you can reach me at 800-226-0075 ext. 326.

  • Ashley says:

    Is this program NCATE certified?

  • Nafisah Abdul-Rahim says:

    I have a reading endorsement along with my Early Childhood license. Is the endorsement you get at the completion of the program something different?

  • Jeannie Rosa says:

    Hi Natfisah – It’s a pleasure to hear from you. Ohio residents who complete this course work would be eligible for our Reading Specialist endorsement. If you are out of state then you would receive a certificate. What you will want to do is check with your states endorsement requirements to determine if our curriculum would meet the requirements in your state. I would like the opportunity to discuss the program with you in greater detail so please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 800-226-0075.

  • Master of Education Admissions says:

    Hello Ashley! All UC online Master of Education programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and meet the rigorous standards for the preparation of administrators approved by the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC). With us, you can expect a quality online master’s degree in education. Please feel free to give us a call at 800-226-0075 if you have any further questions. Thanks!

  • Jennifer Trotta says:

    I currently have my teaching license in Ohio, but I do not have any teaching experience outside of college. I noticed in one place that it said you do not need any teaching experience to apply to the program, but in another place it says that you need two years of experience. Would I be able to apply to the program?

  • Kyle Wallace says:

    Hi Jennifer, I am very sorry about the confusion regarding teaching requirements. Two years teaching experience is recommended for our programs, though not required. We want to make sure that all our information is accurate and does not confuse prospective students, so thank you so much for pointing out the error so we can correct it. Please feel free to contact me at 800-226-0075 if you have any further questions.

  • Jill says:

    Why can’t I apply online for this program and why when I email my advisor about sending me information through email do I not get a response!! This is frustrating as I work two full-time jobs and do not have much time to call and speak with someone!!

  • Kyle Wallace says:

    Hi Jill,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m sorry that I haven’t been receiving your e-mails; I am working with our IT department to see what the issue may be so that we can correct it. I’m going to send you an e-mail so we can connect. If you have further questions please feel free to contact us at (800) 226-0075 and we will be happy to assist you!

  • Michelle says:

    I currently have my MEd in Elementary Education. I am very interested in finding out what I need to do to become a reading specialist. I wondered if there are courses offered on-line to fulfill the requirements. Thanks!!

  • Hello Michelle, Yes, we offer an online Reading program that meets the requirements for the Ohio Reading Specialist endorsement. Students residing outside of Ohio must check with the Department of Education in their state for state specific requirements. Give us a call at 800-226-0075 for more information on the Reading Specialist program.

  • zhang says:

    I have an undergrad degree in speech and hearing science (pre speech-language pathology). Will a program like this accept a non traditional bachelor’s degree?

  • Hi Zhang,

    Thanks for contacting us regarding the Master of Education Distance Learning programs. An undergraduate degree from a Regionally Accredited Institution is required as part of the application process as well as other necessary documentation. Please contact an Enrollment Advisor at 1-800-226-0075 more information regarding the admissions requirements. *Admissions requirements are subject to change.

  • brandy says:

    I am interested in the program, but unsure if I have the necessary prerequisites for it. I have a bachelor’s in English, and have spent two years teaching ESL in Korea for a private school. Does that experience count, or would it have to be experience as a certified teacher in an American classroom?

  • Hello Brandy,

    Thank you for contacting us. For many of our programs, two years of teaching experience is recommended but not required. Please contact us at 800-226-0075 for the admissions requirements of the exact program you are looking for.